The Stain Project is a dramatic short play designed to foster dialogue on racism. The objective is to enable all of us to understand better the different levels of intercultural sensitivity and their consequences in interracial relationships.


Carla Harris Spady is a writer and director of plays that provide healing, hope and light to the masses through artistic expression. She is the Founder, President & CEO at Purposed Child Unlimited.


The ensemble cast has multiple actors playing the parts of Becky and Marcus, depending upon availability.

Marcus Sentman:

Todd Townsend
Will Brock III

Becky Reed:

Alaina Hurley
Becky Rusch
Emily Quillen
Maggie Coons

Producers and Development Team

Becky Rusch
Carla Spady
George Rotsch
Laura Raybourn
Rev. Lyle Dykstra
Sally Rusk
Rev. Robert Broesler
Tracy Morgan
Rev. Ward Greer
Will Brock III

Advisory Board

Adam Montgomery
Amanda Curry
Ben Smallen
Dominic Santos
John Quillen
Sarah Nowak