The Stain Play

Misunderstandings and inaccurate assumptions between people of good will, both white people and black people, are causing divisiveness, conflict and communication problems.

These misunderstandings are even preventing people with shared goals of social justice from working together effectively.

“The Stain” is presented to bring these issues to the surface.
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How to see it / Host It 

Community organizations and faith-based organizations can host a production of The Stain to start or further a conversation on race. The play can be used effectively in a variety of situations.

The performance can be:

  • a stand-alone event
  • incorporated into a conference schedule
  • a replacement for a sermon
  • a part of a longer series on race

The short play is designed to be followed by a facilitated dialogue. We can provide the facilitators or coach yours. To schedule a production and discuss the logistics please contact our Executive Producer, Tracy Morgan.